B2B Marketing Content - 10 Examples

B2B (Business to Business) market is somewhat different from other forms of markets. Here, one manufacturer’s finished product is the raw material or resource of another manufacturer. The first manufacturer faces stiff competition in the market that necessitates a perfect marketing strategy. With the expansion of the digital marketing concept, the B2B market has also been taking advantage of it. Content marketing has become the backbone of B2B markets. It is helping to build long-term relationships that both types of companies desire. However, getting attention from the clients and keeping them engaged with content needs an adaptable and impeccable content marketing strategy.

For example, if you are supplying raw materials for t shirt print, you have to compete with several competitors in the market. You have to create B2B marketing content that would be exciting to read to the potential buyers in this market.

To assist you to develop a content marketing strategy in the B2B market, here are 10 amazing examples to bring about creativeness:

1.    WP engine

This is a managed hosting platform having multifarious utility for WordPress users looking for a state-of-the-art managed hosting service. It is equally effective for personal sites, small businesses, and large organizations. It offers fast and servers, WordPress-specific support, automatic site backups, free SSL, CDN, and themes. WP Engine ensures that the site loads fast, remains at the highest security level, and software updates specific to your site are tested and applied automatically. With the fast upload of the site, your presence with your visitors and existing customers become more interactive and authentic.


2.    LeadPages

It’s a beneficial tool for all those who want to have highly interactive landing pages and impressive testing services. For many bloggers and ecommerce owners designing an attractive landing page is tough as they have to intervene in the coding part of the site that increases the probability of potentially breaking some vital part of it. LeadPages makes the job easier and faster for them. It helps to develop engaging marketing blogs dedicatedly focused on lead generation and A/B testing with an innovative tactic to generate content from cross campaigns on social media to immediately stop any kinds of lead leaks. It also helps in developing infographics, eBooks, e-courses, and many more. You can also design marketing podcasts and webinars with specific interactive features.

3.    Single Grain

This is a digital marketing agency specially focused on tech startups. If you are providing cloud services or possessing the target of making your digital existent more prominent, Single Grain can help you develop digital marketing strategies and content for intensive market reach. They help with everything from designing high-impact marketing funnel to SEO campaigns to PPC campaigns. Top-notch companies like Uber, Amazon, Lever, and Khan Academy have used this digital platform for intensive content marketing.

4.    HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the top digital marketing platforms offering highly interacting and result-oriented content marketing strategies. HubSpot’s strategy is pretty simple. They developed two types of content to address different levels of the digital marketing funnel. their resource section is equipped with a vast library of eBooks, webinars, and marketing kits targeting funnel visitors having some understanding of how digital businesses work. HubSpot also creates blogs to develop inbound marketing space for the businesses to attract the readers positioned at the top of the funnel with a good understanding of digital business.

5.    Salesforce

Launched in 1999, Salesforce has emerged as a useful tool for all types of businesses irrespective of their product or service type and size. Maybe you are in t shirt print business or anything else, Salesforce can help you in multiple ways with their various tools and features. Salesforce is a cloud-based SaaS company where its clients have the full freedom to use hosts of different applications. Salesforce is specifically specialized in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It helps the businesses connect with the existing customers and prospects in different interactive ways. The platform has scaling methods for identifying the top leads of a business. It can provide strategic suggestions for necessary actions and next steps. With the constrained endeavors to cater to the needs of the clients, Salesforce has created an industry-standard that can make your business scale a new high.

6.    CB Insights

CB Insights offers amazing database analysis to understand business trends, contents regulating the markets, and explore new markets. When you are looking for cutting-edge and truly unique content, it’s easy to stray from your business’s mission and vision. Think outside the box with the help of great tools CB Insights offers. Use interactive subject lines or emails for greater customer5 engagement.

7.    Mattermark’s Raise The Bar

Raise the Bar is the perfect source of B2B contents in the form of daily newsletters. It rounds up the stories from various industries offering a snapshot of trending content to watch and follow. In a B2B market, it is empowerment for the clients. Expand your marketing funnel with Raise The Bar.

8.    Deloitte Insights

Deloitte Insights, formerly known as Deloitte University Press a huge pool of resources for those who want to know what is happening and trending in their industry. Blog posts, podcasts, podcasts, and webcasts – whatever you want, get from Deloitte Insights.  


9.    Y Combinator

This famous US-based startup assistance receives more than 15 million monthly visits with an average on-site staying time of 5 minutes. The quality of the content it provides is its greatest strength. Readers experience explicit contents that enrich their knowledge. Popular figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Must have also contributed to Y Combinator.


10.  Zendesk

The blog of Zendesk is called “The Library” which covers a wide range of contents from metrics and data science to CSR. The posts are apt and informative helping the B2B marketers to grasp the latest trends and future possibilities. Zendesk presents content in all possible types of formats including blogs and podcasts.


B2B marketing content is the foundation of your business. Whether you offer t shirt print or customized hoodies, or anything else, a business will be smooth sailing when you have the access to the best B2B marketing content.